Chris Grace - Now

What am I doing, like... right at this moment?*

* meaning as of October 31, 2018

As of this writing I'm living in Los Angeles, CA.

I'm currently in negotiations to bring "Voldemort and the Teenage Hogwarts Musical", a show that I produced at Edinburgh Fringe this year, to other venues in the US, UK, and further.

I also appear every Thursday at UCB Sunset in LA in my musical improv group "Magic To Do" and on many Fridays at the same venue with "Baby Wants Candy".

I recently appeared on NBC's Superstore and hope to return soon! Also sometime around Christmas I'll be on ABC's Fresh Off the Boat. Exciting!

I'm also learning how to create games in Unity, and I host two different podcasts, one called Open Call about theater that I host with my husband Eric, and another called Rule of Threes that's about the NBA, that I host with my buddy Casey Lawrence. Check them out!

This creation of this page was inspired by Derek Sivers.