Chris Grace - Now

What am I doing, like... right at this moment?*

* meaning as of November 24, 2016

As of this writing I'm living in Los Angeles, CA.

My personal life has been a roller coaster. My father died in June at the age of 86, which was devastating. My boyfriend Eric moved from Orlando to LA to live with me. Life has been weird and up and down and very strange.

In the acting department, I signed up with a talent manager and I've had some success. I have appeared twice on "This Is Us" and have a little scene in "Superstore" next February.

I co-wrote a show called "Thrones! The Musical Parody" which is a comedic show about "Game of Thrones". I'm acting in it as well, and it's currently running in Chicago and Los Angeles.

This creation of this page was inspired by Derek Sivers.