Chris Grace - Now

What am I doing, like... right at this moment?*

* meaning as of April 6, 2017

As of this writing I'm living in Los Angeles, CA.

I recently got engaged and then married my husband Eric. We are getting along smashingly and life is good on that front. One of my main activities now is managing my late father's estate. It is an immense amount of documentation and busywork that also fatigues me emotionally from time to time.

Acting and comedy are both going well. I recurred on Superstore, and made appearances on Idiotsitter and The Thundermans, both of which haven't aired as of now.

The show that I co-wrote, Thrones! The Musical Parody is still running strong at the Hudson Theatre. I have stepped down from the cast but we'll be rewriting a new version for the fall after the new season begins to air.

This creation of this page was inspired by Derek Sivers.